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Why should I use OceanWash?

You're probably wondering why exactly you should use our laundry detergent sheets.

We start with the most important facts:

In Germany, 600,000 tons of detergent and 250,000 tons of fabric softener are used every year. Around 260,000 tons of the detergents alone are so-called liquid detergents, the usual pack size of which are disposable plastic bottles with a content of 1.5 liters. This leads to plastic waste of around 173,000,000 plastic bottles a year with a total weight of around 28,000 tons of plastic. (Source: Personal Care Industry Association )
In addition, a not inconsiderable part of the detergent ingredients is not broken down by the sewage treatment systems and pollutes the environment. According to the packaging information of most manufacturers, liquid detergent contains up to “90% natural-based ingredients” , meaning water. Liquid detergents are often incorrectly dosed, contain preservatives, dyes and microplastics (source: Waschmitteltest ) Liquid detergent has a large packaging volume due to its high water content. The volume and liquid state necessitate packaging in large single-use plastic bottles. These are distributed on pallets to drugstores and supermarkets via the distribution network by rail and road. Additives such as preservatives, parabens and microplastics increase water pollution without contributing to washing performance.

The conventional powder detergent suffers from similar problems. Many of the big value packs in cardboard boxes are deceptive packs, i.e. only ¾ full or less. They also contain fillers that do not contribute to washing performance, such as salts (sodium sulphate) and clay minerals. These artificially increase the volume of the detergent powder without contributing to the washing success in order to suggest to the customer that he is getting a lot of detergent at a low price. However, this is not the case. In many cases, the dosing aids are also misleading in order to increase customer consumption.

Detergent pods sometimes contain microplastics, which cannot be filtered by sewage treatment plants and heavily pollutes our water.

Compared to liquid and powder detergents, OceanWash detergent sheets have a very low weight and volume, which leads to a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions when packaging is transported. The detergent sheets have a firm but flexible state and have a perforation in the middle for easy dosing by tearing with a similar to better cleaning performance compared to liquid and powder detergents.

Packaging consists of a recyclable, zip-tie, responsibly sourced paper envelope in the smallest packaging possible. The shipping to you is climate-neutral with DHL GoGreen.

OceanWash detergent sheets are also characterized by a high detergent concentration, which is guaranteed by the solid state. From our point of view, there is already enough water in the washing machine and we can do without fillers, because our detergent sheets only contain components that contribute to the washing performance and the solid state of aggregation.

OceanWash Detergent Sheets address the weaknesses of powder and liquid detergents and put an end to deliberate consumer deception. They are suitable for white and colored hand and machine washes and are effective over a wide temperature range (20-90°C). They dissolve completely on contact with water. The detergent sheets can easily be stored for up to 2 years without expiring.

Even better: together with our partner rePurpose Global, we remove 1 kg of plastic waste from our oceans for each packaging unit sold. So not only are you happy about responsibly freshly washed laundry, but also the sea creatures about a somewhat cleaner sea.

You can find out more about conventional detergents in this video from SWR.

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