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Your personal advantages with OceanWash

Surely you are wondering what advantages you have when you use OceanWash. Not only does the environment benefit from using OceanWash, you also have many personal benefits. We have written down a few for you here:

  • Taking out trash much less often:
    • No one needs bulky single-use plastic or composite packaging, that's why OceanWash comes in a small, responsibly sourced envelope made from recyclable cardboard.
  • No deceptive packaging, no sales psychology:
    • What you see is what you get: We're not fooling you and will show you how small a detergent for 64 loads of laundry can be if you do without unnecessary fillers
  • Neat washing machine:
    • OceanWash detergent sheets are added directly into the washing drum, where they completely dissolve on contact with water. Glued, moldy detergent compartments are a thing of the past. You can now ignore the rickety plastic drawer.
  • Less waste, less water pollution:
    • Detergent overdosing is one of the main causes of unnecessary water pollution. But why is that? Because the dosage information on conventional laundry detergents is intentionally confusing to artificially increase your usage! This means that the product is used up faster and you are more likely to buy more.
    • OceanWash, on the other hand, is very easy and can be dosed exactly. Each detergent sheet has a dividing line, half a sheet is enough for a standard load of laundry with normal soiling.
  • Clean, soft laundry without fabric softener:
    • OceanWash replaces conventional color and heavy-duty detergents and your laundry will feel soft after washing, even without fabric softener. So you can do without different detergent products, according to the motto: One for all!
  • Minimalism in all situations:
    • Whether at home, traveling or on the road in a camper: Thanks to its compact size, OceanWash can be easily stowed away anywhere. This gives you more space for the really important things in your life. By the way: OceanWash is also suitable for hand washing! Simply dissolve half a leaf in 5-10L of water.
  • No compromise:
    • OceanWash is a full-fledged detergent and thanks to its enzymatic formula it also removes stubborn stains. For the sake of the environment, it is still 100% vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free, microplastic-free and biodegradable.
  • Comfort from AZ:
    • Why lug heavy boxes of washing powder or plastic bottles up to the third floor when OceanWash is conveniently in your mailbox? We only ship climate-neutrally with DHL GoGreen and if you decide on our discounted laundry subscription, you'll never have to think about buying more detergent again. You have full control and can edit all deliveries and cancel at any time. This gives you a little more time for the beautiful things in life!
  • Together against plastic:
    • Our world is choking on plastic waste and to get a grip on this problem we need to stop using single-use plastic products! In addition, we would like to make a contribution against plastic waste with our products together with you. That's why, together with our partner rePurpose Global, we remove 1kg of sea plastic from our oceans for every pack of OceanWash sold. Now our name finally makes sense and together we create change!

Join our community of over 36,000+ happy members and start your comfortable, plastic-free washing routine today.💙


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