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We would like to answer all your questions about OceanWash. That's why you'll find answers to the questions we get asked most frequently here.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via email .

General information

What is OceanWash?

OceanWash is a compact and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heavy-duty detergents for clothes. Instead of powder or liquid, you will receive your new detergent in the form of a detergent sheet.

Why is OceanWash called "OceanWash''?

Our detergent sheets contain only necessary ingredients and no harmful components such as microplastics, because we want to keep the pollution of the water during washing as low as possible.

In addition, with your purchase of a pack of OceanWash, you finance the removal of 1kg of plastic waste from the ocean or coasts. So by using OceanWash not only your clothes get clean, but also the ocean.

That's why we think the name is pretty apt.🙂

Why should I use OceanWash?

Conventional detergents often contain microplastics or other harmful ingredients that pollute the water. Water treatment plants in particular cannot filter microplastics, which damages our environment.

In addition, conventional detergents often contain fillers, for example in the form of water or salts, which do not contribute to the washing performance but artificially increase the volume of the detergent. This leads to higher CO2 emissions during transport.

Large powder detergent boxes give the impression of a large amount of detergent, but are often only 2/3 full.

Liquid detergents usually consist of 80% water, although there is enough water in the washing machine. In addition, it is packed in large plastic cans.

At OceanWash, we aim to make laundry detergent more environmentally friendly and solve these problems. That's why OceanWash is reduced to the most necessary ingredients and comes to you in the smallest possible packaging size.

What are the benefits of using your detergent sheets?

Using OceanWash offers you numerous advantages such as:

- OceanWash comes straight to your home thanks to its compact shape. You'll never have to lug around heavy cartons of detergent or big plastic cans again.

- With our detergent sheets you get concentrated detergent with pure washing power and you can do without deceptive packs in the future.

- OceanWash is laboratory tested, the ingredients are easily biodegradable, vegan and not tested on animals.

- Each detergent sheet has a dividing line and is easy to dose. You no longer have to worry about wasting from overdosing.

What distinguishes OceanWash from conventional detergents?

OceanWash differs from conventional detergents mainly in its form and in its chemical formulation.

Our detergent sheets are concentrated detergent and contain only necessary ingredients. Rather than adding unnecessary ingredients, we extract them and package OceanWash in a recyclable paper envelope. We completely refrain from using plastic. OceanWash's compact size also makes it easy to transport.

Environment & Sustainability

How do you ensure that OceanWash really is more environmentally friendly?

We check our entire value chain for sustainability and environmental friendliness. This starts with the purchase of the individual components of OceanWash and ends with the recycling of the empty packaging.

We helped develop the OceanWash formula ourselves and only use tested and laboratory-tested ingredients that are easily biodegradable. The chemical formula is limited to the essential ingredients.

We only manufacture as many products as we can sell to avoid unnecessary storage and always strive to minimize waste.

After manufacturing, we pack the detergent sheets in recyclable paper envelopes. The paper for this comes from sustainable, FSC-certified sources.

The product comes directly to your home from our warehouse without detours via intermediaries. We use DHL GoGreen for shipping.

With the purchase of a pack of OceanWash you also finance the removal of 1kg of plastic waste from the ocean and coasts. This is made possible by our partner company rePurpose Global. You can find more information here .

As soon as your pack of OceanWash is empty, you can dispose of it with your household paper waste with a clear conscience, as we license our packaging from DerGrünePunkt and participate in their dual system for packaging recycling.

Are the ingredients tested?

We developed the OceanWash formula in collaboration with a detergent manufacturer, a chemical compliance company and a chemical analysis laboratory.

The ingredients have been tested and labeled in accordance with the European Detergents Regulation and the law on the environmental compatibility of detergents and cleaning agents.

What is the packaging made of?

OceanWash packaging consists of a paper envelope. The paper for this comes from sustainable, FSC-certified sources. We also use paper for shipping packaging and do not use plastic at all.

PS: Even the glue that we have to use for the packaging consists of two layers of natural rubber and a middle layer of paper fiber backing.

How do you offset the CO2 emission during shipping?

We ship exclusively with the climate-neutral service DHL GoGreen.

In addition, we will organize tree planting campaigns in the future.

What happens to the packaging after it's empty?

As an online retailer, it is our legal obligation to fund the recycling of the packaging we place on the market.

As soon as your pack of OceanWash is empty, you can dispose of it with your household paper waste with a clear conscience, as we license our packaging from DerGrünePunkt and participate in their dual system for packaging recycling.

Is OceanWash vegan and not tested on animals?

All ingredients of OceanWash are of course vegan and not tested on animals.

Product Related Information

How does the detergent sheet feel in your hand?

Our detergent sheets are strong but flexible at the same time. The surface feels very slightly soapy, comparable to a bar of soap. The detergent sheet behaves like a sheet of paper in the hand and can easily be separated in two halves along the dividing line.

What happens to the detergent sheet in the washing machine?

Our detergent sheets are very easily soluble in water, regardless of the water temperature. Upon first contact with water, they immediately dissolve completely.

What does the detergent sheet smell like?

We deliberately opted for a very subtle scent for our detergent sheets. We call this "Fresh Cotton Scent". It is reminiscent of the scent of freshly washed clothes hanging outside on the clothesline in summer. You will initially perceive the scent intensely through the packaging, as it is not airtight and is made of cardboard. The scent remains only very discreetly in the clothes.

How does my clothes smell after washing?

Our fresh cotton scent is subtly transferred to your clothes when you wash them and leaves a very light scent that smells typical of freshly washed laundry. It is important to us not to use strong fragrances, as these are usually sealed in microplastic capsules and remain in the fibers of the clothing after washing. Wearing the clothes, these microcapsules are broken and fragrances are released. However, these microplastic capsules are harmful to the environment. That's why we deliberately opted for a very low concentration of fragrance.

How well does OceanWash clean my clothes?

When developing the chemical formulation, we pursued the goal of high washing performance in addition to low water pollution. That is why OceanWash contains an enzyme that can also dissolve stubborn stains such as blood.

In comparison with conventional detergents, we found that the washing performance was at least as good or even better.

What do the symbols on the packaging mean?

The packaging bears 3 important symbols:

1. The rePurpose Global logo signifying the cleanup of oceans and coasts of 1kg of plastic waste for every package sold.

2. The green FSC certificate, which proves the use of paper from sustainable sources to manufacture the packaging.

3. The green dot that indicates participation in the dual system for packaging recycling.

How should I store an opened pack of OceanWash?

Please keep your opened pack out of the reach of children and in a dry place.

However, humidity will not cause your detergent sheets to stick together.

How long is OceanWash "stable"?

We can guarantee optimal washing performance within a period of 2 years.

Even after 2 years, however, OceanWash should not lose its effectiveness.

Order & Shipping

How quickly will my order be prepared for shipment?

We prepare every order for shipment within 24 hours. This happens every working day.

How long does the delivery take?

By shipping with DHL GoGreen, OceanWash gets to your home pretty quickly.

The average delivery time within Germany is 1-3 working days, to Austria 2-4 working days.

What payment methods do you offer?

We currently offer payment by credit card, ApplePay, GooglePay, purchase on account with Klarna, Sofortüberweisung and AmazonPay.

How much is the shipping?

Delivery to Germany and Austria costs €2.99. From an order value of 15 €, the shipping is on us.

Shipping to other countries may be slightly more expensive. You can find more detailed information here:

Shipping Terms

Where is OceanWash available?

OceanWash is currently available here in our online shop.

In our hometown Braunschweig you will find us in every Edeka.

But soon you will also find us in your favorite drugstore.

Business customers

Regardless of whether it is an unpackaged store, supermarket, retailer or online shop: we have the right conditions and sales materials for all business customers. Simply send us an email to with your personal key details and we will make you an individual offer for a possible collaboration.

The right application

How do I use OceanWash correctly?

Using OceanWash is very easy.

On the back of the packaging you will find instructions for use as well as dosing instructions.

After you have determined the correct dosage, place the detergent sheet in the washing drum, then add your laundry and start your desired wash cycle as usual.

How do I correctly dose the detergent sheets?

On the back of the packaging you will find precise dosing instructions . Please use the dividing line in the middle of each detergent sheet for the dosage.

What should be considered with heavily soiled laundry?

Half a sheet of detergent is enough for a normal load of laundry. If your clothes are heavily soiled, please add half a sheet of detergent depending on the amount of laundry.

My clothes have particularly stubborn stains, what should I do?

We are convinced that OceanWash will remove even the most stubborn stains. Should you ever have a particularly stubborn stain that OceanWash was unable to remove, please use a pre-wash spray or a special cleaner for certain types of stains. You can also use this in combination with OceanWash. In any case, please follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer of your clothing. You can find these on the small slips of paper sewn into your clothing.

For which textiles is OceanWash suitable?

OceanWash is suitable for all types of textiles, whether cotton, functional clothing, wool or silk. In any case, please observe the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer of your clothing and, if in doubt, use a special cleaning agent.

How do I take the water hardness into account when dosing?

The hardness of the water must always be taken into account when dosing, but it does not have a major impact on the effectiveness of OceanWash.

You can find more detailed information on this on the back of the packaging in the dosing instructions.

Can I combine OceanWash with a fabric softener?

Basically, you can combine a fabric softener with OceanWash as a heavy-duty detergent. This will mask the subtle scent of the detergent sheets.

However, we only recommend using fabric softener if you prefer a really intense laundry scent.

At what temperatures can I wash with OceanWash?

OceanWash's full effectiveness unfolds in a wide temperature range of 20-90°C.

So you can use OceanWash for all wash cycles in your washing machine.

Should I use a prewash cycle?

No. When using OceanWash, it is generally necessary to avoid pre-wash cycles, otherwise the water is exchanged too quickly with the detergent solution and does not come into contact with the laundry long enough to clean it.

What do I do if the water is particularly hard?

If the water is particularly hard, we generally recommend using half a sheet of detergent more. Hard water is generally not a problem for OceanWash and the washing performance will not noticeably decrease. Please note the dosing instructions .

Is OceanWash also suitable for wool & silk?

In principle, OceanWash can also be used for wool and silk, as the ingredients in OceanWash do not attack the fibres. In case of doubt, we recommend using a special cleaning agent for particularly sensitive items of clothing.

Do I need fabric softener?

No, not necessarily. Your laundry will feel soft after washing with OceanWash and will be easy to iron and lay. If you prefer a strong laundry scent, you can combine OceanWash with your usual fabric softener.

Do you have a very special request?

Our customer support is always at your disposal for any further questions and suggestions.

Join our community of over 36,000+ happy members and start your comfortable, plastic-free washing routine today.💙


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