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One pack sold = 1kg less sea plastic

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Wash clothes & sea?!

OceanWash - Washes clothes and sea.

What exactly does that mean?

It is our goal with our company to make a contribution to the better use of water and our environment. We don't just want to achieve this goal by producing an environmentally friendly alternative to detergent without plastic.

That's why OceanWash is not only plastic neutral, but plastic negative. 

Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we finance the cleanup of 1kg of plastic waste from our seas, oceans and coasts with every pack of OceanWash sold. rePurpose Global is the world's leading action platform against plastic waste and a global coalition of people and companies committed to reducing waste and restoring the balance of nature. rePurpose Global has created a global system with which plastic waste is first recovered from nature and then fed into various recycling cycles. This creates jobs for people with no prospects in the most affected regions and the plastic waste cannot be returned to nature. The project we are supporting takes place in Chennai, India, a coastal city on the Bay of Bengal. It's called Neela Sapana, in German " the blue dream". Over the past few decades, the pristine coastlines and marine regions around Chennai have been devastated by spreading plastic pollution.
This pollution harms wildlife and contaminates entire waterways.
The Neela Sapana project aims to collect low-value plastic waste from the sea, beaches and rivers around Chennai to protect the Bay of Bengal.

The collected plastic waste is sorted into 35 different types of waste in sorting stations according to their quality and recyclability. One of these types of waste includes fabric softener and liquid detergent bottles. The sorted waste is then compressed and bundled for transport to recycling stations. Paper waste, such as cardboard, is also pressed and recycled. The collection of so-called MLP, multi-layer plastic, represents a major challenge. PET, such as in beverage bottles, is easier to recycle than MLP. This is mainly due to the higher prices that recycling centers pay for PET because it is of higher quality than MLP. MLP such as composite packaging achieves much lower prices or no prices at all because they cannot be recycled. Plastic packaging with a metal coating in particular is almost impossible to recycle because the individual layers cannot be separated.

50% of the waste generated in Indian cities is MLP, which is usually not collected due to its low value and is therefore either burned illegally or disposed of in rivers or sewage systems.

Together with rePurpose Global, we are incentivizing the collection of MLP to prevent such waste from continuing to end up in rivers or the sea. This MLP waste is then used together with other non-recyclable waste in co- processing as an energy source in industry. According to the Basel Convention , this process is the most environmentally friendly option because energy is recovered from the waste without producing harmful emissions. Not only is plastic waste removed from nature, CO2 emissions are also saved by reducing the use of coal as an energy source. rePurpose Global guarantees that the best possible industrial endpoint will be found. Another major problem is garbage exports. Progressive countries export their garbage to poorer countries at low cost. There, this waste is often not recycled properly and is disposed of in illegal garbage dumps in nature. In order to determine where the waste comes from, statistics on its origin are created based on the printed barcodes.

Together with rePurpose Global, we ensure that local people are guaranteed good and safe working conditions. All employees receive free Covid vaccinations on a voluntary basis and health checks for themselves and their families. They are also provided with personal protection items such as masks, gloves and disinfectants. They are provided with uniforms, safety equipment and are provided with hygiene facilities and constant access to clean water. rePurpose Global is responsible for ensuring compliance with these standards through on-site presence and inspection. The more people we can inspire about OceanWash, the more plastic waste will be recovered from nature or will not end up in nature at all. The more poverty is combated in the affected regions by creating jobs, so that such images will soon be a thing of the past. rePurpose Global gives hope to local people and we are proud to be part of the shared mission to rid our nature of plastic waste. In addition to our greatest possible avoidance of the use of new plastic along the entire value chain, with every pack of OceanWash purchased you contribute to 1kg less plastic waste in the sea. 

Together we oppose the production of new plastic waste and remove existing ones from nature. That's what plastic negative means.

And that's why OceanWash washes clothes and sea.

For more information about our partnership with rePurpose Global, our shared goals and impressions of the work to recover plastic waste from nature, please visit:

Also feel free to check out YouTube .

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